SWP copy
Journey’s Made To Order, a purebred Morgan mare that is homozygous for SW1

The Splashed White Project is an attempt to assemble images of horses and ponies that have been tested for the four known splashed white mutations. By grouping together horses with each mutation, as well as those horses with splash-like characterstics with negative tests, it is hoped that the range of expression for each pattern (and pattern combination) can be seen. Some of the categories may eventually be split as more examples of the less common combinations are collected.

Clicking on the buttons below will sort the horses by testing results. Clicking on the image will bring up a lightbox with the full size image. Clicking the name will take you to that horse’s page with further information on breed, pedigree, markings, eye color and test results.

If you have a horse that has been tested for splash that you would like included on this page, please send the information (including pictures) to blackberrylane@earthlink.net. We are always interested in images of splash-tested horses, and are happy to link photos back to your website if requested. You must have either taken the photos or own the rights to the photos you submit. Where test results are available, but permission to include a photo has not yet been received, a generic placeholder graphic is used. Unless they have already been published in public domain papers, no photos are included here without permission.