Submit Photos

Photos are an essential part of a blog like Equine Tapestry. Although I travel to quite a few events and take a lot of photos, I depend on the submission of owners and breeders to show the full range of colors and patterns found in horses. So I am always interested in photos of unusual colors and markings.

If you have pictures you would like to share, there are several ways that you can submit the images. The easiest way for most people is to email them. You can use the email that is linked to the Contact page (the small envelope icon on the navigation bar above), or you can use the dedicated account here.

You can also share photos using our Facebook page. That page can be accessed by clicking on the Facebook icon to the right, under the “We’re social!” header. The page is set up to allow the public posts to the wall. You can also send images by message to the Equine Tapestry page.

If you have very large images, you may prefer to use our Dropbox account. I have to add users manually, so if you need to do this just send a note using the Contact page and I will send you instructions.

For use on the blog, images that are at least 623 pixels wide (the width of the ‘live’ area on the posts) or wider are best. Usually for online images the resolution is 72 dpi, but for images that can be used in printed books, 300 dpi is needed. When in doubt, just send the largest image file you have.¬†Because of intellectual property laws, I can only use those photos that you have taken yourself, or those where you own the copyright. When submitting photos, please let me know if you mind if the images appear on the blog or print. If you send images without clear instructions about permission, I will assume that the photos must remain private. I am still happy to answer questions to private inquiries, but I tend to give longer, more complete answers on the blog. All photos that appear on the blog have the photographer’s name and copyright symbol added if it is not already on the image. Any images used in printed books are credited to the photographer.