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Merry Christmas!


Seasons greetings to all our readers! Thank you so much for joining us this past year. Your ideas, questions and photos have enriched the discussion, and I am looking forward to another colorful year.

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Join the conversation!

Just a little administrative stuff here. When I started this blog, what I had in mind was a place where people could talk about topics covered in the Equine Tapestry books. There is a lot of information in the first volume of the series, and more to come in the subsequent ones (I say this as I eye the huge stack of notes about pony breeds sitting here beside me), but even so only a fraction of the information is in the books. I though the blog could serve as a place to share that extra information, if it was wanted, but in many ways it has taken on a life of its own. I wanted a conversation, and I certain have gotten that. I just did not expect it to reflect my own rambling, subject-jumping speaking habits quite so closely!

But it is a conversation, and I encourage readers to participate. Feel free to leave a comment here on the blog itself, or send a message through email. You can find that by clicking the sabino horse image under the “Contact Me” button. Questions, observations, photos and links are always welcome. Sharing these makes for a richer experience for everyone.

I also encourage those who participate on Facebook to “Like” our page there. Because I am pretty strict about photo permissions here, and because WordPress is not set up for easy back-and-forth sharing of pictures, many readers use the Facebook page to link to interesting horses online. From time to time the subjects covered here get expanded upon over there. (I do have a personal Facebook page, but it is usually filled with terribly mundane comments about my family members rather than interesting images of horses.) ¬†Clicking on the image below will take you to the page for Equine Tapestry.


I also keep a set of Pinterest boards with collections of links to unusual horses, all sorted into categories and, in some cases, testing status. I need to add to them, but Pinterest is a terrible place for encouraging time-wasting, as the completely unrelated boards full of recipes I will not make, and home decorating projects I will not start, would suggest. Separating out those personal boards and putting together an exclusively horse color Pinterest account is on my list of things to do, but that is a long list! Clicking on the image below will take you to the boards.


As a final note, I have some updates on the books themselves, but I will handle that in a separate post.

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Winter is coming…


Okay, it might seem like a stretch to think about winter now when so many of us are looking at triple-digit days, but one of the comments on yesterday’s post had me thinking about seasonal coat changes. Roan horses are notorious for the changes in their color, but many other colors change quite dramatically in winter.

I would like to assemble a collection of comparison shots of summer versus winter coats. This is probably a good time to ask owners, since this is the time to get a good summer shot, and then later get a winter shot of the same horse. I will be doing that with the horses at our barn, but I’d love to have others as well. We have quite a collection of colors there, but like my own mare they tend to appear here a lot. I’d love to have some new faces (and coats). Any color or pattern would be great.

Anyone interested in sending images can use the contact button (the sabino horse to the right), or they can just post them on our spiffy new Facebook page.


I set up the Facebook page because it is a much easier way for many people to share photos. It is set so anyone can post to the wall, so feel free to put pictures there. (For those that use Facebook, liking the page is a good way to keep up with my somewhat intermittent posting, since the blog is now set up to “share” the posts here to the page.)

Update: There is a page with information on how to submit photos on the main navigation bar.

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