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Starting a series of posts on silver dilutes

If you are just joining us here at the Equine Tapestry blog through the article in the current issue of America’s Horse, welcome! To supplement the information in “Seeing Silver”, I will be adding a series of posts about the silver dilution in the coming days. I would also encourage you to browse through the archived posts, which stretch back a little more than a year now. There is a widget to the right that will allow you to search the archives for key words, or you can click on one of the listed categories to pull up the posts on that topic.

For long-time readers, I still have a few more color oddities to post that might get interspersed with the posts on silver. I am also almost done with the transition of the Splash White Project from the tab here on the blog to a set of pages on the website. Progress there has been hampered somewhat by server outages here on the east coast, but that seems to be improving.

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New breed color charts

These were given as handouts at the BOYCC presentation, and are now up on the studio website as PDF files.  The first one is a complete overhaul of the old “color chart” that I have published annually for some years now.  The second one is a previously unpublished set of charts using the same format, but with less common (to most American horsemen at least) breeds.

What is Possible?

Further Possibilities

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