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Identifying Double-Merles

With all the controversy surrounding the double-merle sire of the Westminster Best in Breed Collie, I thought it might be timely to finally get this post up about homozygous merles. The motivation for posting this was a Great Dane I encountered at a dog fair this past fall. The dog was a homozygous merle, but […]

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Merles and unrelated eye defects

In the previous post, defects in the eyes were used to help identify a homozygous merle. That is often a strong indicator, but there is one situation where that is not always helpful. Collies, and some of the closely related breeds, have a number of issues with their eyes that are unrelated to the merle […]

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One more merle post

I know I said I’d post about the Dominant White, but I wanted to share this photo sent by my friend Jackie Arns. This is a rescued pit bull that Jackie saw as a patient. Much like Domino, the Cocker in the previous post, she has a high percentage of color, but she had the […]

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