The updated Splash White Project page

Fergies Kitty Hawk, a classic splash (SW1/SW1) Miniature Horse mare owned by Pacific Pintos

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, the Splash White Project page has been updated. I am still in the process of adding more horses, but the page is up and working now. It utilizes the WordPress Portfolio feature, which probably requires a little explanation since it is not entirely intuitive, nor is it really designed to work as the kind of visual database that I had in mind.

If you click on the Splash White Project link on the main menu, that will take you to the master page. There you’ll see information on how to submit horses for the page, and a little bit about the purpose of the Project. Underneath that you’ll find a number of small white buttons with different pattern combinations. Below that are thumbnail images of the horses currently in the database. The default is set to “All”, but clicking on the other buttons will allow you to sort the images so that you just see one category – say, all the SW1 homozygous horses, or all the horses that have come up negative on the tests.

Spooks Hired Gun, a Paint Horse stallion that carries both SW2 and frame overo

From the thumbnails, you can either click on the image, which will bring up the full-sized image in a lightbox, or you can click on the horse’s name. The name will take you to the individual horse’s page, which has links to the owner’s website and links to the pedigrees (and sometimes photos) of the parents. More details on the markings (particularly the eye color) and test results are included as well.

The Portfolio format allows someone to easy sift through the images to see the differences between the patterns and pattern combinations. I have tried to break down the categories as precisely as possible within the limitations of what is currently testable. The one exception are the homozygous SW1 horses, which for the moment are grouped together even when other patterns are present. One of the benefits of using this system for the page is that it is relatively easy to add new categories and shuffle the existing horses around as new tests become available. I anticipate that happening the future, especially as research continues on the mutations that boost or suppress white markings and patterns.

I would also encourage anyone who has tested their horse for one of the splash white patterns to submit their images and information to the database. Every horse is another bit of information about what the various patterns can look like. That is also true even when the horses have tested negative. If you would like your horse included, I can be reached using the contact link (the small envelope on the main menu bar) or by the blog’s Facebook page.

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