Improvements underway…


After several months of dormancy while I worked on the upcoming book, the blog is now being redesigned. The layout that I chose when the blog was started more than two years ago was outdated, and could not support some of the newer WordPress features. I’ll explain some of those when everything is in place. Perhaps more important to readers, though, is that the new layout allows for larger photos and text. Having recently resigned myself to my own dependence on reading glasses, I had a lot of sympathy with the many readers who requested a larger font size.

My next task will be categorizing and tagging the archived posts in a more consistent manner. I fear that as much as I have liked to think the blog allows me to better organize my thoughts, my manner of speaking – that is, the tendency to wander off on tangents and never quite make it back where I began – still comes through more than I might like. It is my hope that sorting through the archives will at least allow me to make note of where I have left ideas hanging, even if they will likely remain that way a bit longer!

After that last bit of housekeeping is completed, Equine Tapestry will be truly “live” once again. I have quite a few new things that I am eager to share.

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