The blog has gotten a big influx of subscribers in the last week, so I wanted to send out a welcome to everyone who has joined the conversation. Because that is how I see this blog – as a conversation – please feel free to comment on the posts. I have been battling a nasty head-cold these last few weeks, so I am a little behind both on private replies and posts, but I am always interested in hearing what others have to say. Many times it is questions that are sent that serve as a jumping-point for later posts.

The upcoming week should be an exciting one, since the first of the Splash White test results should start coming in. I will be updating the Splash White Project page over the weekend, since there are more pending horses to post, and will post the results as they are known. I also have an assortment of dog color posts lined up as well, because that is a tangent I often explore here, and another group of posts on appaloosas. Hopefully I won’t whiplash everyone too badly if the topics switch around a lot!

One Response to Welcome!

  1. Christine Sutcliffe January 25, 2012 at 3:46 pm #

    Urgh, headcolds are horrible. 🙁 We’re forecast snow this week so I’ll probably end up with something soon too! XD

    Bit random I know but I spotted this on another site and wondered what the white marking above the left foreleg was…


    If that doesn’t work it’s ‘Oldforge Honey Suckle’ here: http://www.tmshowing.com/gallery.html