Technical delays

I apologize for the silence on the blog, as well as the delays in my responses to those of you who have sent me emails. My desktop computer has had some hardware issues that have made it unstable for a while now, and the other night it finally gave up the ghost. Nothing significant was lost – I certainly had plenty of warnings that backups would be required! – but I did decide that it was time to switch platforms. It will take me a little while to get everything set up on the new system, so it might remain quiet here for a few more days.

I have high hopes that this switch will allow me to finally get the first book out the door. At close to 400 pages and filled with hundreds of photos, illustrations and charts, it has been a strain for my old computer to manage. I have been losing a depressing amount of time battling computer problems, but I have been stubborn about changing midstream. Too bad I had never seen a Magic Trackpad before, or I might have gotten over my stubbornness a lot sooner!

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