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I had someone mention that they could not see the photo on the link to the manchado polo pony, Vasco Piskui. Like a lot of researchers, I use the All Breed Database a lot, so I forget that the format there is not necessarily obvious. The link I provided takes you to the pedigree because you cannot link directly to the photos. Instead you have to go to the pedigree page and hover over the tiny icon of a horse beside the name, and the picture (if there is one) will pop up. Above is a screen capture of that particular entry. Not all the horses on Allbreed have photos, but those that do have a red asterisk after their names.

I have also been asked to include pictures in the posts, rather than link to them, to keep everything in one place. I try to be really respectful of photographers’ copyrights and as such I only post pictures that I have taken or that I have been given express permission to use. I know that photos – especially photos of unusual colors – get spread freely across the internet, but as a creative person myself I feel strongly about intellectual property rights. Now if they ever manage to pass an Orphan Works law, you will see a lot more photos here. The absolutely frustrating thing about sharing information about the roots of some of the more colorful horses is that often no one knows who took the pictures, so it is impossible to ask permission to use them. In fact, I have a number of manchado photos here that I cannot publish because I have been unable to reach the man who provided them ten years ago (he would now be 83).  So where I don’t have permission, I link to sites that have the images.

And finally, I encourage folks to read the comments – and post their own if they like! Many times people add more information, including links to similar horses, in the comments. The blog is set up so that after I approve a reader’s comment, they can post freely without me having to approve each comment. (The requirement that the first one be approved is a precaution against spam.) Linking is allowed in the comments section, although including more than two links trips the spam filter and sends the comment to moderation. I catch those, though, so don’t worry about placing multiple links if they are relevant. My only request is that the comments section remain civil and that respect be maintained both for the participants here and for the owners of the horses being discussed.

Now back to the regular blog content! I will be uploading the pattern interaction post here shortly, and I’m also gathering photos for a future post on eye color, so if you have horses with unusual eyes let me know!

Correction: The photo at the top of this post was incorrectly identified as the gelding Vasco Piskui. The image is actually his half-sister Vasca Rosa.


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