Quick note about photos

I have mentioned before that I try to be careful about copyrights when including pictures in posts. I get permission before I include photos in the posts, or I link. When photos come from other people, I include that information in the text. More recently I’ve been trying to remember to mark my own photos with a copyright notice, just so it is clear where the images originated. If the images aren’t credited, it is pretty safe to assume I have taken them even if I haven’t marked them.

I usually take pictures for my own reference and with an eye to images that can help illustrate ideas. They are meant for education – mine or others. For that reason, I don’t usually mind someone using them for the same kind of purpose, but please do ask before posting them somewhere.

Also, most of the pictures are uploaded to this site much larger. The images shown in the posts often degrade due to compression, too. Clicking on the image will often take you to a better, larger picture.

And finally, if you have taken photos of interesting colors, I am always eager to see them. Clicking on the envelope icon in the menu bar at the top of the page will pull up a contact form.

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