A sneak peek from the book


A few days ago I included an archived post from the studio blog which mentioned the drawings used in the book.  I thought it would be fun to post the finished line drawings.

I decided to use three different horses throughout the text.  I wanted three in case I needed to group them to illustrate effects on the three different base colors (chestnut, bay, black).  I wanted the horses to be pretty generic so that it wasn’t overly distracting when I needed to depict something found in a specific breed.  I also thought it would be useful if they were different heights, since I could group them and still have some portion of each horse visible. All the horses are positioned so that all four legs are as visible as possible.

I wish now I would have thought to use one body type to represent the breed groups in each book – drafts, ponies and light breeds – but as it was I just picked horses from the barn where I keep my own mare, Sprinkles.  The tallest horse (the one furthest back in the picture) is Tommy, an uncolored Appaloosa gelding.  The middle horse is Wyoming, a small grade horse reputed to have Walking Horse blood, although I have only ever seen her trot.  The small pony is Thumper, who will appear in some of the later archived posts.  In real life all three are not especially remarkable in terms of coloring, but for the purposes of the books they’ll be trying on a lot of new “clothes”.

I am still moving archived posts over from the Blackberry Lane blog.  I will likely be adding more current comments along with some of them since in some cases new information has surfaced since they were initially made.

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